buffalo papaCape Buffalo tables, furniture and art pieces are made after their namesake. They are thick, rustic, bold, distressed and dominating.  They are made specifically for mountain homes and  mountain or safari lodges, but can be a beautiful addition to any accommodating room.

This furniture and art celebrates adventure and is made for adventurous people!  All pieces are hand-made, one of a kind pieces and even the similar items are actually quite different. All pieces come with  serial number plate.  Other similar pieces can possibly be ordered but are subject to us being able to acquire the appropriate inlaid items and materials!  None of these are mass produced. Many of the wood pieces we use are salvaged. The brass serial number plates are very interesting, salvaged door kick-plates and handle backing plates from old houses and buildings.


Cape Buffalo furniture is anything but perfect. It is intentionally flawed or – intentionally not made flawless. It can be scarred, twisted, hoof stepped-on, coffee stained, bitten, clawed, etc, etc. Seams can be imperfect. finishes can be imperfect. leg and other lengths are not perfect. (The rulers in the shop are so old that the little lines between the inch and half-inch marks wore-off a long time ago – who can see those little things anyway?!)

To us, nature and natural things are the most beautiful. Hold a level to the side of a tree or lay it on a branch – square and level? Ever see tree sap oozing out of the bark? Does that ruin it? Look at a scarred-up old bull – magnificent! Too much furniture is so perfectly made that you can’t tell if a human being had anything to do with it at all! Nothing against fine furniture or perfectly made things – they can be amazing! Everything has its place, even the masterworks of particle board that stores everywhere are carrying.

Here at Cape Buffalo we love real wood, nature and adventure. And since we couldn’t make a piano or a french chair if our lives depended upon it – we just make this stuff. Our unusual furniture and art pieces are a celebration of personality and character. If an interesting piece of wood is too perfect we will flaw it to get the look we want. If you are looking for perfectly machined, leveled, traditionally built and traditionally finished items, then please don’t look here. Just as a live Cape Buffalo is ugly yet beautiful, so too is Cape Buffalo furniture and art.

If you see something here that you love or that you think someone else would really love, send an email and let us know. If you have some interesting old items that you think we might be interested in purchasing for inlay  – let us know!

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Happy Adventures!! 

contact us for questions, specifics or any other inquiries.

Life is more fun with a Cape Buffalo in the house.

Put some safari into your life.