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“Adoptable” companion pals need good homes. You can help one – if you dare. They are wild and full of attitude but lovable and loyal. They are happy to lay in front of an open door (inside) and act as a door stop or just curl up on a pillow by the fire. They all show signs of very wild, adventurous beginnings to their lives – all have scars.

More companions and other things available at these Florida locations:

Old Trading Post at 2152 Drew St. Clearwater – (find them on facebook)

Walnut sleeping dogs, carved from  salvaged pieces that would otherwise have become  rifle stocks. These little dogs – #1 and #2 have been adopted. (Florida and California.)

Many of these shown have been sold and are here for samples.

#3 small bush cat – Came in with #4 but very independent. Scarred. Loves people.

#4 larger bush cat – Not afraid of big dogs. Scarred.

#5 Baby rhino – Does not eat much now but be prepared.

#6 Baby elephant –  Possible future dental work or braces expense could be substantial.

#7 Lion cub –  This cub is a feisty one – he is well scarred.

#8 Grizzly cub “Nyha” – (Sister of #9.)  Nyha is now adopted and living with a great family in Washington State. She is suspected of sneaking cookies and beer and is friendly with the cats.

#9 Grizzly cub –  Brother of #8. Loves salmon.

#10 Black Bear cub –  Loves berries. (Adopted and living in NY!)

#11 Cheetah cub – Could be hard to catch.  (Adopted and soon to be transported to California.)

#12 Tiger cub – Keep well fed as he or she grows up.

#13 Lion cub – Has the beginnings of a dark mane and scars on left cheek. Has attitude. Is brother of #14.

# 14 Lion cub – Has beginnings of mane and birthmark on left cheek. Probably will be trouble-maker too. Is brother of #13

The companions are intentionally not named – their new families get that job.

(These companions are very territorial and can bite, scratch and claw other furniture or art)

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Hand-carved on salvaged wood.

(prices do not include shipping)

#1 “Scout” – Carved on salvaged antique furniture board.

#1 “Old George” (elephant) – Carved on salvaged antique furniture board.


#3 “Mama Bear” – Carved on salvaged antique furniture board.

#4 “Bighorn” –  Carved on salvaged antique furniture board.

#5 “Fireside Lion” – Carved on salvaged floor or wall board. )

#6 “Ghost Bear” – Carved on salvaged hardwood from cigar factory – according to supplier.

Cape Buffalo Hamburger (not available) 4 piece, well-done, no ketchup. Sent to California. (sorry In-N-Out Burger!)

#7 “Giraffes” – Carved on salvaged hardwood.

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 Art Signs

Hand carved on salvaged wood.

Cafe de Paris sign made for the incredible Cafe de Paris in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Kwenga sign made for the beautiful safari lodge in South Africa. Daylight Donuts sign made for the awesome bakery and restaurant in Breckenridge Colorado.  Yosemite sign is celebrating the National Park and Ahwahnee Hotel.  (Cafe de Paris, Kwenga, Daylight, Yosemite and Siess signs are custom made and not available)

(Inquire for commission work pricing)

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Lion cub on salvaged antique board from an old building. This piece was made as a donation for the awesome Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida.


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