Cape Buffalo Chairs

These solid pine chairs are inlaid with various decorations and hardwoods for the bolt covers and decorative inlaid carvings.

(prices do not include shipping)

The “Lion” chair had to be returned to the wild. We were not able to domesticate it. (sold)

The other “Lion” chair – the one with a paw print in the seat and rifle case bases in the corners. (sold)

The “Bison” chair. (sold)

The “Papa Bear” chair. (sold)

Caution: This species is territorial and may stamp, bite or claw other furniture.

Note: these chairs are so thick and rigid that they do not flex like most chairs do and so can have a very slight rock depending upon where it sits. Once placed, this can usually be fixed with those little felt pads.

Pine is a relatively soft wood and can dent if impacted by a hard object. (Dents add character – I never ask guests to remove belted equipment before sitting.)

All pieces come with certificate and serial number plate.

Life is more fun with a Cape Buffalo in the house.

Put some safari into your life.

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