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Mini Bars, Kitchen Islands & Footstools


mini bar


Hoof Rest ( hoof series) – serial number 1

Hoof Rest is a solid pine foot stool to rest your hooves on after a long day on the Savannah. It’s top is inlaid with a 1943 East African coin. Two of the hooves have “stepped on” beer caps embedded in them. The side corners are decorated with rifle cases.

The legend of the “Hoof Rest”

“Many years ago two hunters, while on safari, decided to take a break and have a beer in the shade of a muSassa tree near the village of Mbale. The hunters flipped a coin to determine who would get to take the next shot. Suddenly, a Cape Buffalo burst from a conbretum  thicket beside the men. Now this buffalo was a little displeased at having his nap disturbed and the hunters were never seen again. The only remains ever found were the two beer caps which were crushed into the bulls hooves and the tossed coin which landed on the bulls back.”

As soon as this legend came to our ears we sent out one of our trained staff to try and get this buff. Three years later our man found and captured this cranky beast and so we are very happy to be able to offer him to you here. (This legend has not been confirmed, but a framed copy of it comes with the stool.)

Caution: This species is territorial and can bite, stomp or claw other furniture.

Uganda Railway (below)

(non hoof) – serial number 1


Uganda Railway “boarding step” (foot rest) is solid cedar inlaid with real antique railroad spikes, British and American coins, old square nails and a piece of interesting old steel that was found in a forest in Europe. This foot rest celebrates the old Uganda Railway which was made famous by its Tsavo man-eating lions.

Elephant Foot Rest (below)

(elephant foot series) serial number 1


The Legend of the Elephant, the Magic Man and the Tree

“There once lived a very hungry elephant who ate up most of the crops that belonged not to him, but to a certain nearby village. The elephant then ate up most of the surrounding trees. Now there lived a magic man in this nearby village and he had a favorite tree amongst these trees. He told the elephant to “not eat up this tree.” The elephant didn’t listen to him and broke down the tree and ate it up. The magic man was very angry at this and under the light of a silver moon he turned the elephant into a tree. The next day the people of the village cut down this elephant tree and made useful things from it. One of these things was the Elephant Foot Rest.”

Caution: This species is territorial and can stomp, kick, or bite.






Round Oak Stool (Sold)


Old West Footstool (below)

serial number 4



“Old West” is a solid pine footstool inlaid with a beautiful antique model 94 Winchester barrel, 30-30 case bases and antique railroad spikes. This footstool celebrates the spirit of the old west and all of it’s incredible, classic adventure. I fell in love with this barrel immediately when I first saw it – really sweet – a true classic for the western adventure lover.

Mountaineer Hoof Rest (below)

serial number 3


“Mountaineer” is a solid pine hoof rest celebrating the adventure of mountaineering.  The top is inlaid with real antique pitons from the Fritsch & Co. of Zurich Switzerland and an actual piece of the Swiss Alps. I chose this little piece because to me, it looks like a miniature Matterhorn. This rock was found on a hike near Zermatt Switzerland. There is also an Austrian beer cap inlaid into the bottom of a hoof.

The pitons and rock are inlaid but left about 1/4 ”  higher than the wood so they can be felt and seen better. Of course you can sit on them and you do feel them a little, but is still comfortable.


Bison Footrest (below)

Solid Pine stool with inlaid rosewood (I believe) bison, oak bolt covers and antique spikes.

serial number 5


Cowboy Hoofrest (below)

serial number 4

Solid Pine with really nice inlaid antique horseshoes and very cool antique spur on one leg.  1880’s spur from Chihuahua Mexico according to seller and antique dealer but is not marked.


Rifleman Footstool

serial number 6



Coasters #1

Hand-carved hoof coasters inlaid with four different flattened beer caps.

$ 125.00 (Set of four with holder – Ser. No. 1)  Sold







Ice Ax

Real antique ice ax that I bought in a small village in Switzerland. Cleaned up, beautifully finished and made into a wine glass holder. Celebrating the awesome adventure of mountaineering. Solid steel and oak base.

 Ser. No. 3