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The “Papa Bull” dining table is a one of a kind, very unusual and extremely heavy dining table. This is a “larger than life” table made for “larger than life people.” It is rustic and distressed and decorated with tool marks, old coin impressions, “buffalo tracks,” custom metal work, shotgun shot  and a small, carved cape buffalo head on the end of one of the under beams. It is decorated with interesting marks on all sides including all of the underside. The seams are beautifully imperfect. Where there are seams and gaps  and cracks, they are filled with clear “bar top” epoxy. This table could be perfectly at home in a viking hall, castle,  mountain home or lodge.

This table weighs about 450 lbs and would probably support a neighborhood elephant – should one come over and sit on it.

The legs are bolted, glued and sandwiched between the massive under beams. It is about 10′ long and 34 1/2″ wide. It seats 12 counting the ends.

It is really awesome to sit at this table. You can lean or push against it while sitting and it does not move or wobble at all. Once you use a really massive, solid table it’s hard to go back to something less substantial.

This table is not “machined to perfection.” It is beautifully finished, but the natural curves and imperfections have been left in and some even enhanced. If you look down the length of the side it waves and rises and drops.

Please note: pine is a relatively soft wood and can dent if impacted by a hard item.


“Life is more fun with a Cape Buffalo in the house.”

Put some safari into your life.

Old Barn Coffee Table



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“Old Barn” coffee table is a 3&1/2 inch thick solid pine table with inlaid antique horseshoes and a hand-carved running horse on one of the legs. The Horseshoes are left up a bit higher than the table top so that they can be touched.
Music on video from Shannon Ratigan,

Texan Coffee Table


Texan coffee table has a solid 3&1/2 inch thick pine top with very large and heavy hoofed legs. This table celebrates Texas and it’s rich history of adventure and it’s adventurous people. This Texan buffalo table is decorated with an inlaid antique iron star and four scarred, hand carved, hardwood  long-horn heads. The big cat scratches show he has had some close-calls in the bush. It has been shot in the shoulder with a large caliber slug which didn’t penetrate it’s tough hide. (Real inlaid slug) It has a beer cap crushed into the bottom of  a hoof and another stuck to its belly. It also has an old Chrysler key under a hoof. (You never know what these things will step on or in)

More photos to come.

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Couch Table (below)

Solid pine table with scarred, hoofed legs and inlaid with beautiful antique Birmingham Small Arms – p14 rifle stock and butt-plate. Stock made in United Kingdom between 1914 and 1920 and is gorgeously scarred from who knows what adventures over those many years!  Butt-plate has an opening hatch originally for cleaning rod, now reveals an inlaid 303 case base.



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Logger Couch Table (below)

Celebrating the adventure of logging. This solid Pine table is decorated with a real antique saw blade inlay and hoofed legs. The round plugs over leg bolts are very old salvaged oak from the bottom of Lake Superior in Wisconsin. (supplier said probably 150 years old) The blade has been stamped – “Camp Big Bow”



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Mini Bar

This mini bar is solid fir and decorated with antique beer signs, (antique belt buckles) two bottle openers, antique brass foot rails and an incredible 100 year old Mexican 7mm rifle barrel for a towel bar. The barrel has adjustable sights and is really worn and even twisted! Who knows what amazing adventures it has seen over the years!


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